Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dr. Helmet Head

I never thought people actually cut their hair like this. Felt like I spotted a unicorn or something.


Don't fuck with him, bro.

Oh hurrow, I just came America. No speak English.

 Checking to see if the coast is clear...

This guy is definitely not getting laid.




Hello and welcome!

It is no secret that the Asian race is one of the most looked down upon races to immigrate over to White America. African American people (i.e. blacks) were once ostracized and made fun of for being different; however, being black in today's society is the cool thing to be. On the other hand, Asians haven’t been fortunate to have had a similar coming to light transformation yet. This blog is primarily dedicated to display the male half of the fob population who perpetuate the Asian stereotype of being nerdy and feminine

It is a mystery to me why Asian males are the only race who take interest into such non-masculine hobbies. It seems as if all they want to do is style their hair like their favorite anime character, dress in clothes resembling something my girlfriend would wear, or play video games at the library. There is nothing wrong with video games, but there is a time and place for everything. If you want to do something embarrassing, do it behind closed doors so other don’t have to suffer the consequences of being called a nerd. I believe one of the reasons why Asians are not respected in society is because other races view us as inconsiderate assholes. The reason why Asians are such bad drivers isn’t because our eyes are small or we are too short to see over the steering wheel. It is actually because the bad Asian drivers are inconsiderate fobs who think the whole road belongs to them. And since they are in a 2 ton shield of metal they feel protected and act like they have a big dick. Another example occurred the other day when a flock of fobs invaded my school library, yelling their native tongue at the top of their lungs like they were at the bar of a packed club ordering drinks. They waltz in the library like they own the goddamn place and bust out their food like it’s a Thanksgiving’s feast. Opening their kimchi fried rice, fried fish, stir-fried tofu and seaweed filled containers only to fill the air with a god awful stench which permeates through the whole floor. At this point, the whole floor puts down their books and stops studying to just stare at them. To my amazement, they kept on talking and eating and the next thing I know it felt like I was in a noisy Chinese restaurant. I was amazed at how little self-awareness these fobs actually had.

As I stated before, the Asian male is feminine and should be separated to its’ own separate sex. Females, Asian males, and regular males. Surveys have shown that Asian males are the least sexually attractive individual to females of all races. This is surprising because women of all ranked their own race as being the most attractive, except Asian females. You guessed it; Asian women are more attracted to white and black guys than to Asian guys because they view Asian guys as just another female companion they can go shopping and have a makeup party with. If we don’t do something about this fast and change the way Asians are viewed, the Asian race is going to be extinct, just like dinosaurs… I know. I know. You guys are probably saying that this is not true. Of course there are some exceptions like the weird girls who are into the whole Japanese culture or anime/cosplay scene.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Asian race for I am an Asian myself.  I am starting this blog in hopes to entertain others and I don’t intend to offend anyone. This blog is for the younger generation of fobs because I feel that have a real opportunity to change, unlike the older generation.

My advice to any fellow Asian males trying to break out of this stereotype and get back to neutral respect from non-Asian people:
1) Shave off that Naruto anime shit you call hair.
2) Work out and gain some mass so you are no longer a frail Asian who can't even support your girlfriend's weight when she hugs you.
3) Stop telling girls you have a giant cock because you don't. Lets be real now...
4) Stop shopping in the girl's section of stores.
5) Stop wearing running shoes with jeans. No matter how cool you think it looks, it doesn't.
6) Stop wearing concealer and eyeliner. You are not part of a Korean boy band.
7) Stop carrying around Yu-Gi-Oh cards in your backpack, cause when that shit falls out when I'm next to you, it makes me look bad.